February 11

on location // step out


I’ve recently had the joy of collaborating with the ladies of Grace In Love, a blog dedicated to helping women walk in compassion, courage, and beauty. I’m in love with their mission and, if you haven’t yet, you should totally check them out. :) Our last shoot was a blast. Think a bunch of happy girls, in this gorgeous space, styling and photographing pretty things, with fun music playing, and snacking on yummy cupcakes. I know.

The shoot really reminded me that photography is a way to play with possibility. It’s a way to create perspective. And it’s a beautiful thing to let that perspective go–go out into the world and change people.

I’m curious how many people out there have a dream to step into photography as a career, serve their clients with all their heart, and create their own perspectives.

Well, I’ve been repeating these words to myself a lot lately, and maybe they are for you too:

Life is exploration, and if you don’t explore, you can’t grow. If you don’t step out, the path will never appear.

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  1. Karis says:

    You can count me and one of those people :)

    I just discovered Grace In Love a few days ago and LOVE their mission as well!

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