January 15

mantras: pick a good one


I love a good mantra.

But when Liene of Think Splendid wrote this blog post last Friday, I came across the phrase “avoidance mantra.” And it shook me up a little.

Let me explain.

Sometimes we justify not doing the work, right? We start off with great plans, end up not doing the work for one reason or another, and then chalk it up to “I’m too busy.” “Who has the time to…” “I don’t understand it, so it must not matter.”

These are avoidance mantras. And whether you like the word mantra or not, if we repeat something often enough we start to believe it. And if we continue to believe it we’ll be inflexible and reluctant to change. And we can’t grow without change.

Here’s what I’m NOT saying: I’m not saying that we need to bury ourselves in constant, never-ending work. I’m not saying we need to beat ourselves up about leaving certain things unfinished. Sometimes we get into a project and realize it’s not the most valuable use of our time. And I believe it’s a sign of strength to be able to let it go. We only have so much time–it’s not a renewable resource. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is say no. Boundaries are HEALTHY, and they don’t get the street cred they deserve.

But here’s what I am saying: I think it’s worthwhile to check our self-talk every so often. Because when we let ourselves see a negative pattern, we then have the power to change it.

And by changing, we grow.

Above photo shot with Mamiya 645 + FujiPro 400H film

Film processing: Richard Photo Lab
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  1. I adore you and your blog SO much.

  2. Wonderful advice, as always!

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