November 8

today. encourage them today.

Do you know someone who is taking a big risk?

Do you know someone who is feeling overwhelmed?

Do you know someone who is dealing with the fallout?

Today. Encourage them today. 



You have a whole lot of light inside of you. Say something–even if it’s a simple, “I’m here.” Do something–even if it’s sending a quick text message. Be there–even if it’s just a 10 minute visit and a hug.

Don’t over think. Don’t stand in your own way. Don’t discount your gifts.

Let my sweet, sweet friend Jo Carol be your inspiration. She passed away on November 3, last Sunday. Jo Carol was my best friend’s mom. She was my mom’s best friend. And she was my second mom.

“Jo Carol was a mentor and second mom to many girls. Her daughters’ friends loved spending time with them because she made them at home and genuinely cared for them all. Jo Carol fought every day of this battle with breast cancer. She was strong and courageous, trusted The Lord with all her heart, and was a champion through the end. Even while fighting for her own life, she met women in waiting rooms, befriended them, and brought encouragement to them.

She would want all to know that her Savior fought for her, she knew He was always with her, and that the Lord’s will and sovereign plan led her to her great reward. She is truly healed.

2 Timothy 4:17 “But the Lord stood with me, and gave me strength.”

Today we celebrate her beautiful life, and I’m inviting you to join us.

Today. For Jo Carol. Who can you encourage today?

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  1. mary klaren says:

    This woman has a lot of glory on her. Just reading her name brought me to tears. Oooooh new mommy hormones, they might be partly to blame, but still! this is so sweet. way to honor her, caroline. this is special.

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