November 11

the dazzling talent behind my website design


I’m still pinching myself that my new site is live, and it wouldn’t have been possible without these brilliant people + services.


(a few instagram snaps along the web launch journey)


Showit // site development + platform

Before I discovered Showit, I had a custom site that was beautiful and professional, but something was missing. I was constantly growing and evolving as an artist, but since I didn’t have creative control over the site, it often didn’t reflect my growth.

Showit makes me happy because I now have simple, straightforward creative control and I can update it organically, as I grow and evolve.


Emily Ley // logo design

Before I discovered Emily, I believed logo design had to be a long, drawn out, frustrating process.

Emily makes me happy because she stuck to her deadlines and showed so much enthusiasm about my project–proving that it doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. It can actually be a blast.


Promise Tangeman // site design

Before I discovered Promise, I wasn’t sure how to translate my brand + all the things I love into a cohesive site design.

Promise makes me happy because she’s a shining light of be yourself and be proud. She also came up with a design that totally blew my socks off with the way it captured my brand. It was simple, yet it encouraged exploring with fun little elements. Like, have you seen my bag page yet? :)


Alexandra Franzen // writing coach

Before I discovered Alexandra, I believed writing with clarity was scary, time-consuming, and sometimes just impossible.

Alexandra makes me happy because she’s so good at helping others learn to communicate authentically. By example, she taught me that to understand others + be understood may just be the greatest thing we humans can experience together–and it’s within reach for all of us.


Lara Casey // goal and timeline management

Before I discovered Lara + her Power Sheets, I believed designing and launching a website took months and months (and months). The planning, the writing, the portfolio building, etc. It all seemed overwhelming.

Lara makes me happy because she showed me that a little goal tracking + time management goes a long way. From conceptualization to launch, my entire new site process took just six weeks. Six weeks! :)


I also want to give an extra special thank you to my husband who encouraged me to take the leap, and to my dearest friends Michelle & Bryan Boyd for helping me with coding + bio photos + constantly cheering me on. Love you guys!



Our giveaway is closing next Wednesday, so jump on in while there’s still time left.

I’m giving away a set of Power Sheets, so you can harness your dream and then put it out there.

Lara created the Power Sheets to help creative entrepreneurs strategically plan action steps to make their dreams happen. The set includes 70 sheets–that last 6 months–on goal setting, action planning, clarifying your vision, tending what matters, and some fun surprises.

To Enter:

1. Follow me on social media–InstaFB, or Twitter.

2. Post a photo–I want to see your desk/kitchen table/chosen table at Starbucks/basically wherever you get work done. OPTIONAL: Tell me what you want to make happen. In life, business, anything. What’s on your heart to go and do?

3. Tag me + use the hashtag #carolinejoypowersheetgiveaway

Opens: November 4 // Closes & Winner Announced: November 13

We’re also announcing a reallyreallyreallyreally big deal giveaway on November 13! :)


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  1. Love the new site design!

  2. It’s just gorgeous Caroline!! Well done on a beautiful job. I’ve just launched my new website too, and I know what a process it can be!! I love how you incorporate your faith into your writing too. You are inspiring! xx

  3. That’s one heck of a creative team! Beautiful result!

  4. SiteHouse says:

    Wow!!! We are SO honored to that you choose us to be apart of your business! Love the content on your blog, it is so lifegiving and encouraging! Keep it up! Let us know if you need anything in the future!

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