November 4

a new look + a giveaway + what katy perry taught me

Two months ago, I had a simple idea:

What if I just embraced change?


Allow me to explain: I’ve been changing a lot. Changing can be a bit of a messy process, you know? I felt like I was shedding my skin, and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to look at the end of all this changing. So rather than embrace it, I got kind of trapped in this idea that I had to be glossy. Like a good brand.  Glossy brands = success, right? I mean, just look at Katy Perry and the success of her sugar coated, perfectly glossed Teenage Dream album.

But then I heard her new album–this song in particular. It is soul-baring. It is not sugar coated. It is not what I was expecting. And I really like it.

And in that moment I discovered: It’s okay to change with the seasons.

I like it when I can grow WITH an artist I admire. I like it when they let me in a little. I like it when I can identify with where they are on their journey.

I’ve been working fearlessly on this new site ever since.

And I’m really, really proud to unveil it today!



And here’s where it gets good:

Today is the first giveaway in a whole month of giveaways! Yep, November is going to be ONE FUN MONTH of giveaways.

Creating a new site can seem to stretch on for eternity. I was determined NOT to let that happen, and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance I got from Lara Casey’s Power Sheets. I mentioned them in my last post, actually, and these Power Sheets are one of the best goal setting tools I’ve ever found.

Lara created the Power Sheets to help creative entrepreneurs strategically plan action steps to make their dreams happen. The set includes 70 sheets–that last 6 months–on goal setting, action planning, clarifying your vision, tending what matters, and some fun surprises.

I’m giving away a set of Power Sheets, so you can harness your dream and then put it out there. 

To Enter:

1. Follow me on social media–Insta, FB, or Twitter.

2. Post a photo–I want to see your desk/kitchen table/chosen table at Starbucks/basically wherever you get work done. OPTIONAL: Tell me what you want to make happen. In life, business, anything. What’s on your heart to go and do?

3. Tag me + use the hashtag #carolinejoypowersheetgiveaway

Opens: November 4 // Closes & Winner Announced: November 13

P.S. My brand new shop is also launching in November! It’s not quite ready yet, but it’s only a matter of days!

P.P.S I can’t end this post without giving you (yes, you reading this right now) a big ol’ THANK YOU. Just imagine I’m giving you a big thank-you hug right now (or a big thank-you high five, if you’re not into hugging). I’m grateful to you for being here right now, sharing this happy moment with me. And I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new look or just join the conversation and introduce yourself, down in the comments below.

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7 Responses

  1. I just love following your work. I look up to you so much as a artist and how you live your life to the fullest! Love your website update, it’s simply gorgeous. :)

  2. Congratulations on your new site – it is so lovely!

  3. Breanna says:

    This is absolutely stunning. So excited to see your brand growing :)!

  4. Mary says:

    I love your new site as well as your inspiring work! I purchased the power sheets last spring and then they accidentally got packed up in our move and I’m still waiting on them to resurface! Loved them when I had them,though!

  5. Shelley says:

    Beautiful, Caroline! Such a perfect representation of loveliness and simplicity.

  6. Michelle says:

    The new website looks absolutely amazing. Congrats!

  7. [...] Casey‘s Powersheets. I was gifted these back in November, and I’ve found them to be a useful tool in thinking through my goals, both personal and [...]

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