November 21

6 ideas for your thanksgiving table

Fajitas on Thanksgiving?

Actually, yes. That’s my family’s tradition. :) I still remember, as a little kid, my brothers and I peeking out the window at my dad in the backyard, happily cooking fajitas on the grill.

In snow flurries.

On Thanksgiving.

And ever since that sweet memory was made, my family favored fajitas over the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

This year, my mom asked me to head up the Thanksgiving table decor, which is perfect, because I am utterly lost in a kitchen. If I were in charge of making Thanksgiving dinner, it would look like the Peanuts version…and maybe not even that good.

But, since I’ve been learning my fair share of floral design + calligraphy + food styling this year, I’m really excited to put my new found skills to use and make an especially beautiful environment for celebrating.

After all, “What is around us will fortify the truths within us.” -Architect, Alain de Botton

Here’s my plan:


From right:

  1. I envision the main centerpiece spilling over with produce and greenery, rather than flowers.
  2. Free thanksgiving printable from October Ink! I’ll roll one for each person, tie it with velvet ribbon, and place it above their plate, where the dessert fork would normally go.
  3. Our table will be long, so I’m planning to have mini arrangements, like these, all down the length of the table.


From right:

  1. I love these fun, pretty hors d’oeuvres, and they fit beautifully into the color scheme. Just cheese and blackberries. :)
  2. Thanks to the usually awesome Texas weather (except for that one time I was a kid and it snowed), we’ll plan on enjoying our Thanksgiving meal in the backyard, under the trees. Sadly, no sheep live in our backyard. Frowny face.
  3. We did this for our workshop in January, and I’m totally stealing it for Thanksgiving. Place card plates! Calligraphy directly on the plate! I die. To keep things budget friendly, I’m just going to use the fanciest paper plates I can find, and mix them with real plates.


I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving! And even if cooking isn’t your thing, I hope you’ll find a way to share your gifts with your family.


Musical genius? Make a playlist. Or play your instrument.

Creative? Entertain the kiddos.

Prefer working behind the scenes? Refill drinks or replenish snacks.

Communication expert? Write a sweet note to each person.

Self-proclaimed mixing pro? Come up with a fun signature cocktail.

Socially awesome? Make someone feel special with a one-on-one conversation.



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All images from Pinterest 


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  1. Abby says:

    I love the Thanksgiving printable and the calligraphy plates! You could totally put a fancy schmancy paper plate with writing on top of a real, simple white plate kind of like a charger. SO fun.

  2. Mor says:

    So glad you are putting our printable to good use! I am sure it will all look amazing!

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