November 1

24 things that get me fired up + give me purpose in life


Happy November! Today, I’m sitting outside on our tiny balcony, just soaking in the clear sky and the crisp weather. One of my favorite monthly rituals is slowing down on the first day of the month and really taking it in. I try to wrap my head around what I’m going to do that month, and get myself in a place of gratitude, so I can fully live in the present–all while doing something appropriate/cliche for the season.

For example, July, I’m typically floating in a the middle of a pool. Hopefully with an adult beverage in the floaty cup holder. ¬†October, I’m ALWAYS drinking some sort of pumpkin spice coffee, and I might have a scarf on, weather permitting. November (today!) I’m burning a berry, cinnamon, and clove candle + making a silly holiday bucket list for my hubby and me. It’s a great day. :)

The first day of the month is also a time for me to pull out my goal sheets from Lara Casey, and make concrete plans. I highly recommend Lara’s goal sheets, if you’re looking for a way to track progress + goals.

I stumbled across this page that I filled out in August, and got super inspired all over again. Sometimes it helps to cut through the noise, and remember:

What fires me up?

  • light infused film photography
  • relaxed weddings
  • marriage
  • beautiful, simple spaces
  • my friends
  • balanced living
  • overcoming fear and helping others do the same
  • nature–the beach, mountains, trees, clouds, sunsets
  • generosity
  • organizing
  • my Savior’s love, passion, and purpose for me
  • the idea of living somewhere new + experiencing something different
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • time to reflect and be quiet
  • making music
  • romance
  • understated design
  • dreaming with Aaron (my hubby)
  • gratitude and trusting God no matter what
  • acting from a place of authenticity
  • putting together a great outfit
  • getting things done
  • laughing
  • living one part dream + one part reality

What fires you up? Make a list, and if you want to join in the conversation, leave your list in comments, down below.


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6 Responses

  1. 1. Checking everything off my to-do list
    2. Going to bed on a Friday or Saturday knowing I can sleep in!
    3. Quality time with my friends
    4. Any time I get to see me family
    5. Any time I book a session/wedding
    6. Beautiful sunlight for a shoot
    7. Words of encouragement
    8. Finding peace in God, not the world
    9. A stellar glass of wine
    10. Taking the time to read my Bible
    11. My favorite music
    12. Peace, not stress about my business
    13. Taking the time to exercise
    14. Talking to my (long-distance) love who I miss very much
    15. Walks on the beach with him
    16. Coffee in the morning
    17. New women to fellowship and invest in
    18. Prayer


  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the tip on the goal sheets!

  3. Loved reading your list! My inner nerd just get so excited over making lists :) Can’t wait to see your CJ Shop coming soon!!

  4. - My husband
    - Perfect light
    - Relaxed weddings with an easy schedule
    - Couples in love, who value marriage more than their wedding
    - My marriage
    - Loving God, and helping others love Him more
    - Coffee
    - Cooking in good light.
    - Helping women understand the importance of good theology in their lives
    - Working hard, and resting hard.
    - My Church
    - The Gospel
    - Traveling with my love
    - Letterpress and handlettering
    - Time to journal and reflect
    - Disciplining my heart to trust God, not fear the future
    - Real, deep, meaningful relationships
    - Bikram yoga
    - Living & loving my real life, not my dream world
    - Caring for my family

  5. [...] have done it without the guidance I got from Lara Casey’s¬†Power Sheets. I mentioned them in my last post, actually, and these Power Sheets are one of the best goal setting tools I’ve ever [...]

  6. Caroline, thanks so much for sharing – these are beautiful. Excited to write my own! xoxo

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